Does UPS allow tattoos? Learn about UPS' Tattoo Policy

UPS is one of the world's largest logistics and shipment delivery companies. They operate globally and have a large, diverse workforce. Many new hires wonder if UPS will make them cover up their tattoos. Through our experience working with UPS employees, we have found that tattoo policies differ from location to location. Some managers strictly enforce no tattoo policies and require ink to be covered and some managers don't care at all. If you are new to the company, it is better to be safe then sorry. You can always talk to your HR representative to see if your tattoos are good to go. Starting the job with your ink covered is the best approach if you cannot speak with HR prior to starting or if you do not get a clear answer.

Many UPS employees enjoy TatCover arm sleeves. Our brown color closely matches UPS' brown. In addition to covering tattoos to meet policy requirements, many drivers appreciate that cover up sleeves also protect their ink from the damaging sun rays. Because our sleeves are made from the same material that athletes use to support their muscles, active delivery drivers also recognize the benefits of compression on their muscles and joints.