Who We Are: TatCover is the leading manufacturer of tattoo cover up sleeves. We have over a decade’s worth of experience making arm and leg sleeves. This experience has led us to many innovations including our ComfortSeam stitching and VelvetLock sewn-in elastic band. To stay in business for over a decade, you must be doing something right. From the start we have never skimped on the fabric and thread that we source, and we have remained adamant that our manufacturing stay in the USA, even as many other manufacturers move overseas. 

Our Missions: We have a simple mission - to cover your tattoos from your boss and the sun.

Our Start: TatCover is a sister company of Custom Sports Sleeves. Our main business for a long time was manufacturing sports compression sleeves. However, our customers and many friends expressed a strong need for quality tattoo cover up products, especially sleeves. TatCover was then born. We now combine the durability, quality, and fit of compression sleeves for athletes with the comfort and ink coverage needed by those who have tattoos. Our tattoo cover up sleeves have no visible logos, block out tattoo colors very effectively, and offer UV protection to prevent tattoos from fading in the sun.