How to cover an arm tattoo? Top 4 Ways To Cover Arm Tattoos

Covering arm tattoos does not always mean complete removal of your ink. Whether for work, school, or personal preference, here are the top 4 ways to cover any arm tattoo.

1. Wear long sleeve shirts - The easiest way to cover arm tattoos is to find comfortable, long sleeve shirts. In a pinch (such as for an interview) this is the easiest and cheapest way to cover ink on your arm. However, it is not the best long term solution. In summer months and in certain climates, long sleeve shirts can get hot to wear. Also, certain uniform policies may make wearing long sleeve shirts difficult.

2. Tattoo cover makeup - Tattoo makeup can work great for smaller, lighter tattoos. Of course the drawbacks are the ongoing cost and that tattoo makeup is prone to smudging and rubbing off. Lastly, makeup won't work well on large tattoos. Tattoo makeup works great for people who may only need to cover tattoos occasionally. Applying makeup everyday to your tattoo can quickly become a chore.

3. Laser tattoo removal - Tattoo removal is great if you are sure that you want to remove a tattoo for good. Treatments can be very effective, but it typically takes several sessions and the procedures can be expensive. This is obviously a permanent procedure, so give it lots of thought before taking this path.

4. Tattoo cover sleeves - Tattoo cover sleeves are the perfect solution for temporarily covering arm tattoos. Made from quality, comfortable stretch fabric, tattoo cover sleeves are super easy to put on and take off and fit like a second skin. Sleeves are tough and won't rub off like makeup and the fabric is breathable to provide all day comfort. Consider using tattoo cover up sleeves for your tattoo cover needs.