What To Do When Your Work Has a Tattoo Policy

Maybe your employer thought a new dress code was necessary to make the office look more "professional" or perhaps you just landed a dream job but then noticed the company's tattoo policy within the employee handbook. Whatever the case may be, there is no reason that your career must be dashed just because you have some ink. There are options to keep tattoos covered at work.

1. Speak with your boss or HR manager. Sometimes an open conversation can get you an exception. For instance, if you have just a small tattoo and your position does not require customer contact, perhaps HR would be willing to let you get away with the rule.

2. Wear outfits that cover the tattoo. Of course this approach does not work for everybody, but if you have a tattoo on your shoulder blade or upper arm you may be able to select a work wardrobe that keeps your ink out of sight. Almost all companies will allow you to have a tattoo as long as it is not visible.

3. Remove your ink. This is certainly an extreme measure, yet some employees do go this route. Whether it is a small tattoo that has no special meaning anymore or some ink from your college days, you may consider removing smaller or unwanted tattoos completely from your skin. This process is not always effective and can be costly.

4. Use a concealer. Using makeup or special tattoo concealer can easily cover up small, light colored tattoos. 

5. Wear tattoo cover up sleeves. We saved the best for last. When bosses get strict with work tattoo policies, sleeves can be an easy and cost-effective way to keep your boss happy while keeping your ink. Tattoo cover sleeves are designed to be skin tight and blend into any outfit or uniform. The fabric is breathable so it feels comfortable even in the heat. Sleeves easily slip on and off so they are perfect for temporary coverage. Thousands of happy employees have been able to keep their jobs and their ink with tattoo cover sleeves.